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Empowering Your Operations with Back Office Excellence

Welcome to our Back Office Services, where we specialize in optimizing your business operations through effective utilization of Odoo as your trusted ERP system. At Seventy Eight Systems, our primary focus is to leverage the power of Odoo to streamline your inventory management, procurement, HR, and eCommerce operations, driving efficiency, accuracy, and growth.

Efficient Inventory Management

Our Odoo experts employ the platform's advanced features to fine-tune your inventory control, ensuring optimal stock levels, efficient order fulfillment, and minimized carrying costs.

Streamlined Procurement

Leveraging Odoo, we simplify and enhance your procurement processes, facilitating smoother supplier management, cost-effective purchase order creation, and enhanced cost tracking.

HR Operations

Utilizing Odoo's HR module, we help you automate crucial HR functions, from payroll and leave management to performance evaluations and employee data management, freeing up your resources for strategic initiatives.

Unlocking Odoo's Power

With years of experience in utilizing Odoo, our team is proficient in optimizing its usage to address the unique challenges of each back-office area. Our focus is on harnessing Odoo's potential to fuel your operational excellence.

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Benefits of Our Back Office Services

Our Back Office Services provide efficiency without compromise. By maximizing Odoo's utility, we ensure that your business operations are streamlined and optimized, leading to enhanced productivity and profitability.

  • Operational Efficiency: Our services revolve around enhancing your operational efficiency by leveraging Odoo's features and functionalities for a smoother workflow.

  • Data Integrity: Through centralized data management, we ensure that your information is accurate, reducing errors and enabling informed decision-making.

  • Operational Cost Savings: By leveraging Odoo's capabilities, we help you save on operational costs by streamlining processes, improving procurement decisions, and optimizing inventory management.

Ready to elevate your business operations ?

Contact us today to explore how our Back Office Services can optimize your processes, harness the full potential of Odoo, and drive your business towards excellence.